Take Back Your Finances

TTC 003 Follow-Up on Why People Get in Debt with Special Medical Debt Focus

November 21, 2017

As we continue working through a number of the top reasons why people get in debt, we focus on another six reasons including the extremely popular reason - medical debt.  Don't forget that as paying down debt is already an uphill battle, it's important to understand the reasons why people get in debt in the first place.  Filled throughout this episode are a number of vulnerable moments in our own history of debt with many tips along the way.  We love to address these hard-hitting topics in a light-hearted manner while still addressing heart of the issue.  As just mentioned we dive a bit deeper into medical debt as part of our 2% tip and share actionable steps you can take to decrease that balance.  Finally we share a very personal tidbit of why we chose the specific selfie for our thumbnail; the painful memories in that exact spot still bring back horrible memories today.

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