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TTC 010 8 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Automatic Financial Success

TTC 010 8 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Automatic Financial Success

January 15, 2018

If you've ever heard about David Bach's book, The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich, then you know how simple, small, yet effective tricks you implement today in investing can transform your life years later!  We love his book and loved meeting him just a few months ago.  We were inspired by that and apply it to even more areas in your finances to encourage you set up those simple and effective tips for automatic financial success later!

You will love these ideas as many of them will make your life more simple and even relieve some of your financial stress (aka, the rest of your life stress as well).  Seriously.

We cover tips and ideas in the following areas:

  1. Automate Your Bills - We share a few cautions along the way
  2. Automate Savings With Your Taxes - We know this is controversial but address it head on
  3. Automate Your Retirement - Hide your money from yourself and get started today
  4. Automate Your Mortgage - This one simple tip can take 4-6 years off your repayment schedule and saves the average home owner an average of $50,000.
  5. Automate Your Refunds - Get back your money without blinking an eye
  6. Automate Your Child's Education - Save money without knowing for your child's education
  7. Automate Investing - Learn how to invest with small amounts and start earning your nest egg.  Plus get $5 just for signing up!
  8. Automate Your Savings Accounts - Earn 1.16% (or more) in an automated, high-yield savings account.  Even better, setup multiple accounts and invest in longer savings goals.  Plus get a free $5 for signing up.

Each of these tips can really set you up for automatic financial success!  No matter when you listen to this episode, setting these up today will set you up for success later!

Plus, don't miss our 2% Tip where we explore how you can use a no-cost method to start earning by being creative and expressing yourself.  We just started this and share a story how another friend is making decent money even without any prior experience.

Finally make sure to check out this week's show notes where we break these tips down and give you exactly what you need to get started.  Plus you'll want to check those show notes as they give you the special links to get your free cash on siginup for the savings and investing too! 

Let's automate our year and make it the best yet!

TTC 009 We Interviewed Dave Ramsey’s Daughter Rachel Cruze and Here’s What She Had to Say

TTC 009 We Interviewed Dave Ramsey’s Daughter Rachel Cruze and Here’s What She Had to Say

January 2, 2018

This week you are in for a special treat.  As we share in this week's episode, Cassie had a terrible case of laryngitis the morning we were attempting to record it.  As such, we throw back to an informative and fun interview with none other than Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel Cruze!  She digs into the tips and habits she shares in her then new book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs

We really do love how she addresses the issues we likely all struggle with in the "comparison struggle", or rather that struggle when reviewing social media and wishing we had the lives of those going on trips, buying those new vehicles, or whatever else their friends share.  How often do we see their struggles on social media?  How often do we share our own?  This comparison battle is real and is one that needs to be beaten.  Rachel shares in this book those habits needed to do just that!

I mention that we "throw back" because we recorded this over a year ago when we only dreamed of the day we would have a podcast.  Timely enough, that editing occurred on January 1st, a day we make new goals and resolutions for the year.  Don't miss a few minutes of the chat where we share from the school of hard knocks (waiting over a year to start our podcast and not realizing our goal sooner) and what we learned from the process.  It just might help encourage you to actually meet your goals this year.

Don't miss the show notes for this week as we share a couple of additional resources mentioned in this episode.  Plus if you miss anything you can likely find it all documented there for later reference.

Have an amazing year and let's make this the year to Take Back Your Finances!

TTC 008 5 Proven Ways to Get Your Spouse on Board to Pay Off Debt

TTC 008 5 Proven Ways to Get Your Spouse on Board to Pay Off Debt

December 26, 2017

This next topic covers one of the most asked questions we receive from our readers.  The question goes something like this: "I really want to pay off our debt but I'm having issues getting my spouse on board.  Do you have any ideas?"

This is such an important topic because not having a spouse on board will thwart your efforts.  If you've ever tried to pay off debt without the support of your spouse then you know exactly what we are talking about.

In this episode we learn the time-proven tips and techniques to help get your spouse on board with paying off your debt.  Each of these are geared towards making that discussion a little less painful while giving you both the tools needed to start your journey united.  Throughout this episode we share some of our back story as well to show you that we both share from our positive experiences and even those failures in our past as well.  Our goal is to share those struggles to prevent you from needing to learn from the school of hard knocks.

Finally don't miss our 2% Tip this week as we share some real ways to save on everything water!  Don't worry, we're not sharing to shower once per week.  Rather we share low-cost methods that you can implement this week to get started immediately!

Don't miss this week's show notes where we break down everything discussed in this episode.  We even share a link to a tool that we have found critical to help you and your spouse start communicating better and get you moving forward quickly and effectively!

TTC 007 6 Ways One Mom Earned an Extra $3500 of Extra Income Per Month

TTC 007 6 Ways One Mom Earned an Extra $3500 of Extra Income Per Month

December 18, 2017

We have received so many emails and questions asking for more ideas on how to generate extra income from home.  One such listener wanted to know specifically how she could earn money as a stay-at-home mom and help supplement her family's income.  To answer her question (and many of yours!) we interview one such mom that has done exactly that and brought in over $3,500 per month for her family.

She shares her back story and then start working through the steps she uses to bring in the income.  The show details the exact tools she uses.  Plus the show notes for this week will give you the full list of tools with little (and big) bonuses just for signing up through those links!

We promise there are ideas for every personality type and every level of expertise.  Each of us is a work in progress and we all have so much we can offer with our talents, skills and expertise we have developed over the years.

Finally we share a fun tool we have come to love as part of our 2% Tip this week.  Our kids have joined in on the fun and we share how they grew their money by 49.6% in one single week!

We had so much fun in this interview this week.  We promise there will be many more to come!

TTC 006 Everything You Need to Know About Your Emergency Fund

TTC 006 Everything You Need to Know About Your Emergency Fund

December 11, 2017

We all know there's a prominent author that gives a "one-size fits all" answer when it comes to the emergency fund.  We dare to differ with him!  Families are in all different financial situations, amounts of income, with differing levels of emergencies.  Telling a family that makes over $100K each year they need $1,000 is one thing.  Telling that to a family that makes $35K each year is something totally different.  We don't want you to feel defeated out the gate.  Thus, we have a different plan.

We share our time-proven strategy for selecting the right emergency fund for your family then walk you through it step-by-step to help you determine the right amount.  It's so simple and easy!

Then we break down everything you need to know about the fund.  Where do you store it?  What qualifies as an emergency to use it?  How long should it take to build up your fund?  We even break down ideas to help your family come up with the funds fast.

We hope you love our discussion as we walk through this potentially boring topic.  Instead of "boring" we hope you love the discussion and the banter as we get through it.

Finally we break down an important step you need to consider when starting and running your side hustle.  If you don't follow this step you just might miss out on hundreds - even thousands - of dollars when the tax bill comes!

Don't miss our episode's show notes as we give you all the resources provided in the show with everything we discussed broken down point by point to help you review it later.

TTC 005 8 Critical Financial Moves to Make Before the End of the Year

TTC 005 8 Critical Financial Moves to Make Before the End of the Year

December 4, 2017

Sometimes timing really is everything.  That's no less true for the content we share in this episode with the end of the year just a few weeks away.  We walk through some deadlines you really need to consider and tips on how to maximize your time before they pass.  In fact, you just might wind up saving a lot more money.  Who wouldn't want that?!

Are you listening to this episode with many months left instead of weeks?  What a perfect time to prepare your family's finances and understand what you can to make the most of this information.

In this week's 2% Tip we address a simple upgrade you can make in your home for less than $50 to save up to 10% off your utilities.  Now THAT is a great Return on Investment!

Finally, don't miss the show notes for this week as we share the tips step by step and provide the resources you need to succeed.

TTC 004 Crazy Ideas to Rock Christmas While Staying Out of Debt

TTC 004 Crazy Ideas to Rock Christmas While Staying Out of Debt

November 27, 2017

It's time to talk about one of our favorite subjects: Christmas!  And whether you're listening to this episode a few weeks from Christmas or with many months to go, this episode is for you.  We hit it all from decorations to saving tons on presents with everything in between.  We promise you won't want to miss this week's 2% Tip where Cassie breaks down the exact steps she uses today to get the ROCK BOTTOM prices on anything.  Alex sums it up well when he quips, "This section is pure gold!"

We know that none of the tips above will work if you're short on cash.  We share 12 different ideas to help you come up with the money fast and even share a resource to help you make $1,000 quickly for Christmas!

Each step of the way we break down both those short-term wins and the long-term strategies to get you setup for many Christmases to come.

We encourage you to listen along and see how much fun you can have attacking all the money issues for Christmas! 

Finally, don't you worry as we have all the info in this week's show notes on our site to help you each and every step along the way.

TTC 003 Follow-Up on Why People Get in Debt with Special Medical Debt Focus

TTC 003 Follow-Up on Why People Get in Debt with Special Medical Debt Focus

November 21, 2017

As we continue working through a number of the top reasons why people get in debt, we focus on another six reasons including the extremely popular reason - medical debt.  Don't forget that as paying down debt is already an uphill battle, it's important to understand the reasons why people get in debt in the first place.  Filled throughout this episode are a number of vulnerable moments in our own history of debt with many tips along the way.  We love to address these hard-hitting topics in a light-hearted manner while still addressing heart of the issue.  As just mentioned we dive a bit deeper into medical debt as part of our 2% tip and share actionable steps you can take to decrease that balance.  Finally we share a very personal tidbit of why we chose the specific selfie for our thumbnail; the painful memories in that exact spot still bring back horrible memories today.

TTC 002 Why People Get in Debt Part 1

TTC 002 Why People Get in Debt Part 1

November 20, 2017

An intriguing look at the habits and motivations behind why people get into debt.  The list was shaved down to a mere top 33 reasons, making you realize this subject is not a joke.  Alex and Cassie attack this subject head-on while keeping the tone light-hearted and share tips with actionable steps to address a number of these reasons head-on.

Because paying down debt is already an uphill battle, it's important to understand the reasons why people get in debt in the first place.  This episode will help families understand some of the reasons that caused them to build that much debt, know what temptations they need to overcome, and then know how to prevent themselves from going back into debt again after finally paying off their debt!

TTC 001 Let’s Start at the Beginning

TTC 001 Let’s Start at the Beginning

November 12, 2017

Alex and Cassie are now known as The Thrifty Couple but readily admit they haven't always been.  In fact, they start off sharing their scary deep dive into debt - finding themselves in over $108K of consumer debt.

They share their story because they want to share that they understand the emotional side of debt, knowing what it's like to not see a light at the end of the tunnel.  But they found a way out - paying off all the full amount in just seven years.  Even better, they paid off over $90K of that debt in a short time after they discovered an innovative way to pay off their debt using a gradual debt-payoff strategy that they share in their new book The 2% Rule to Get Debt Free Fast: An Innovate to Pay Off Your Loans for Good.

All of this is to serve the purpose of sharing hope and encouragement to other families that understand that side of debt.  And don't worry, if you're not that deep in debt but are still looking for a unique method to pay off your debt other than those crash diet approaches then you're in the right place.

They start at the beginning and set the stage for this all-encompassing podcast that will cover tips from getting out of debt to saving for retirement and everything in between - including making money using side hustles, saving for college and much more.

Finally, listen up for the place to start cutting back the budget that very first month.  It's likely not what you think!