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TTC 004 Crazy Ideas to Rock Christmas While Staying Out of Debt

November 27, 2017

It's time to talk about one of our favorite subjects: Christmas!  And whether you're listening to this episode a few weeks from Christmas or with many months to go, this episode is for you.  We hit it all from decorations to saving tons on presents with everything in between.  We promise you won't want to miss this week's 2% Tip where Cassie breaks down the exact steps she uses today to get the ROCK BOTTOM prices on anything.  Alex sums it up well when he quips, "This section is pure gold!"

We know that none of the tips above will work if you're short on cash.  We share 12 different ideas to help you come up with the money fast and even share a resource to help you make $1,000 quickly for Christmas!

Each step of the way we break down both those short-term wins and the long-term strategies to get you setup for many Christmases to come.

We encourage you to listen along and see how much fun you can have attacking all the money issues for Christmas! 

Finally, don't you worry as we have all the info in this week's show notes on our site to help you each and every step along the way.

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