Take Back Your Finances

TTC 005 8 Critical Financial Moves to Make Before the End of the Year

December 4, 2017

Sometimes timing really is everything.  That's no less true for the content we share in this episode with the end of the year just a few weeks away.  We walk through some deadlines you really need to consider and tips on how to maximize your time before they pass.  In fact, you just might wind up saving a lot more money.  Who wouldn't want that?!

Are you listening to this episode with many months left instead of weeks?  What a perfect time to prepare your family's finances and understand what you can to make the most of this information.

In this week's 2% Tip we address a simple upgrade you can make in your home for less than $50 to save up to 10% off your utilities.  Now THAT is a great Return on Investment!

Finally, don't miss the show notes for this week as we share the tips step by step and provide the resources you need to succeed.

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